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Superfakes have earned their name by counterfeiting even the most intricate designs available. By employing close to the same materials and techniques, counterfeiters manufacture handbags that are almost identical to their genuine counterparts. Sometimes they are so well made that even aficionados can’t tell the difference.

Of late, the news of fake Chanel purses or handbags is relentlessly making the headlines. Since the genuine high-end luxury bags range in price from $2,100 to $26,000, it is tempting to try and snag a deal when the you see the same item is available for a fraction of the price. However, when it turns out the coveted Chanel masterpiece you managed to get a bargain on is actually a superfake, the feelings of remorse and being deceived set in.

These knock-offs have not only duped consumers, but have also plagued the fashion industry as a whole. These fakes are infamous for damaging the reputation of brands and eventually diminishing customers’ trust. What’s worse, you might be shocked to find out, is the reality that counterfeiting has often been linked to crimes like human trafficking, child labor, and drug smuggling.

If you are hunting for a designer handbag and don’t want to fall for a knockoff, you must continue reading this article – we’ll unveil some important tips to help you determine whether the “Chanel” bag you’re considering is authentic or not. If you come across any bag that has even one of the below-mentioned inaccuracies, do not buy it. Pretty simple! Better safe than sorry.



The Leather

Before purchasing any Chanel bag, it is vital that you pay attention to the leather. An authentic Chanel bag will be made using either lambskin or “caviar leather“. Let’s dig a bit deeper to talk about them individually!

Lambskin is known to be incredibly soft, smooth, and velvety with a buttery sheen. Only after touching this leather will you truly understand the feel of high-quality, ultra-soft leather.

Lambskin leather on a Chanel bag

On the other hand, “caviar leather” is made of grained calfskin. Compared with lambskin, this leather is sturdier and more textured, and is somewhat more resilient to wear and tear.

Caviar leather on a Bhanel bag

The virtues of caviar’s pebbled leather finish are favored by a plethora of Chanel fans. If (or when) you do get a chance to run your hand over the leather of an authentic Chanel bag, you should be able to feel the raised dimples.


The Lining

While the leather forms the foundation of Chanel’s bags, on closer inspection, there is so much more to experience. We spoke about the leather, and now it’s time for the lining.

Authentic Chanel bags contain a lining that is taut, or tightly fitted. To the touch, the amazing craftsmanship is easy to notice by how well and seamlessly the interior and leather are fitted.

If you discover that the lining of a bag you are considering is misshapen with creases, wrinkles, bubbles, or bumps, put it down right away. This is a clear sign that you are inspecting a counterfeit bag.

Chanel Bag lining

Unfortunately, if you already own a bag whose lining has loosened over time, it might be painful to hear that the bag in question is most likely not a genuine Chanel; you might have been misled to spend your hard-earned money on an imitation.



Stitch count

To ensure quilting does not puff, the stitch count on any Chanel bag will always be on the higher side. To check this count, you can easily find the stitches in the panels or the outlines of each quilted diamond.

In order to make an informed decision, it’s always better to count the stitches on each edge of the diamond. If the count is any amount less than 8, it is undoubtedly a fake. The real deal will always have a stitch count of 8 to 12 on each side of the diamond.

Chanel Stitching


Furthermore, the latest bags from this top-selling brand have at least 9 stitches per side – nowadays only Chanel’s vintage collection will have an 8-stitch count.

To sum it up, no authentic Chanel bag has fewer than 8 stitches per side. As such, a low stitch count indicates a phoney product that you should avoid buying.



Chanel bags are quilted in various patterns, such as diamond, chevron, and square. This quilting pattern should not vary or distort, and must remain aligned even when the flap is closed or you check the outer pocket.

With that in mind, old leather can gradually stretch over time, which may lead to the quilted pattern becoming slightly misaligned on vintage pieces. However, if you have purchased a brand new and authentic masterpiece from Chanel’s collection, the pattern will be consistent. If it is not, you have probably got your hands on a fake bag.

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CC Lock

First introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in 1984, the CC lock continues to be the most recognizable feature of Chanel bags. By looking at the interlocking mechanism, you can tell which bag is genuine and which is merely attempting to imitate it.

Chanel CC Lock

The counterfeiters continually try to copy the design as closely as they can to bring the exact same look to their bags, but if you know what to look for in the original CC lock, you won’t be fooled.

Furthermore, the CC lock should be exactly in the center, symmetrical, and have flat ends. On the flip side, a sham will likely have sharp edges, raising alarm bells that you must avoid investing in it.


Back of the lock

When you take a look at the gold, rectangular backplate of this lock, you’ll notice that an authentic Chanel bag has two similarly-shaped gold screws on both sides, either flathead or star-shaped. The interesting thing about these screws is that they can’t be opened with just any screwdriver; they require a special tool that only the house of Chanel possesses.

Chanel Lock Backplate

Make sure to carefully inspect the backplate of the bag, paying particular attention to the lettering of “Chanel” and “Paris”. On an authentic bag, the lettering will be evenly spaced, clearly defined, and the font style and size will be consistent. Additionally, the word “Chanel” should be oriented from front to back, so that when the bag is rotated, “Chanel” appears at the top and “Paris” at the bottom. These are key details that a counterfeit bag will often miss.



A key point to look out for beyond just the lock: the right C overlaps the left C at the top of the logo, while the left C overlaps the right C at the bottom. Of course, this is only applicable to real Chanel bags; if the design has some flaws and doesn’t have the same pattern, it is probably a fake.

Some other details to pay attention to; the backplate should say the bag is “Made in Paris“, with the lining stamped “Made in France”. There should also be a small hallmark of three small lines above the left C. In case these three lines are present but the lining of the bag says “Made in Paris”, be cautious; it is not authentic.

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Chain Straps

When handling an authentic Chanel bag, the gold or silver colored chain straps should feel heavy and substantial. If they are light and hollow, it is a possible indicator that you are holding a fake imitation. Furthermore, the color of these chains shouldn’t get dull or fade with time.

Apart from this, the leather strap entwined with the chain should be hand-stitched and not machine-made. The only exception is the jumbo flap bag, where the leather has been folded four times to create this stylish design.


Authenticity Card

The authenticity card will display a 6, 7, or 8-digit serial number, depending on the year the bag was manufactured. It’s important to note that Chanel has never used embossed numbers exceeding 8 digits. It’s also crucial that the serial number on the card matches the one on the sticker inside the bag, including the font style.

Chanel Authenticity card

The horseshoe-shaped sticker inside the bag will also display the serial number, and an authentic Chanel bag will have a round hologram sticker on the upper right corner.

Looking at more specific details, the card should measure 8.5cm in length and 5.4cm in height. The information on the card should be legible, with no smudges or misprints. If anything is hard to read, the bag is likely a counterfeit.

Finally, one way to spot a fake is to check the authenticity card’s weight and texture. A counterfeit card may feel light and cheap like cardboard, whereas a genuine one will be heavier.



Brand Stamp

Regardless of the type of Chanel bag you choose, you can expect to find the brand name stamped onto the lining. Some bags even come with an attached pouch made of the same leather, which also bears the label’s stamp. It’s worth noting that the color of the brand stamp will always match the bag’s hardware exactly.

Chanel Brand Stamp

If the hardware color and the stamp color don’t match, you’re definitely dealing with a fake Chanel bag. However, there is one exception: over time, the metallic leafing on the stamp may wear off, causing the color to change or disappear. This is only likely to happen on vintage Chanel styles that have been heavily used.


Dust Bag

Chanel bags produced from 2000 onwards will always come with a black dust bag, while those made in the 80s and 90s will have a white one.

As for the material, a genuine dust bag will be made of sturdy cotton with the word “Chanel” printed in white and centered on the bag. If the name is printed in off-white or with a thinner font, you should be suspicious.


Stands upright

A perfectly structured shape is another hallmark of a genuine Chanel bag. When you set it down, the bottom corners should touch the surface, and the bag should stand upright without tilting or falling forward. If the bag doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s not a real Chanel.


Examine the zippers.

Chanel is known for using a variety of zippers in their bags. These include the Lampo zipper, which always features metal teeth, as well as the EP zipper, the three Cs in a circle zipper, the OPTI DMC zipper, the Éclair zipper, the YKK zipper, and many others.

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Chanel Frequently Asked Questions

When and by whom was Chanel established?

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel founded the Chanel brand in 1910, and since then, it has revolutionized the fashion industry with its unique, practical, and classic minimalist designs. Chanel is synonymous with luxury, sophistication, elegance, and grace, and is one of the most well-known brands in the world.

Are there serial numbers on every Chanel handbag?

Yes, every Chanel designer handbag has a serial number that’s located inside the bag and can be used to verify the bag’s authenticity.

How do you determine the age of a Chanel bag?

Chanel uses a special numbering scheme on a tag attached inside the bag to designate the year and location of production. Periodically, Chanel changes the stamping and font on their bags, which can help determine the era in which the bag was manufactured.

What is the correct pronunciation of Chanel?

“Sha-nell” is the phonetic pronunciation of Chanel.


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