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The 2023 Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Expo recently wrapped up two of its exciting events in Gold Coast and Melbourne.


Goldnova & Melbnova Cosplay Competitions

Among the numerous cosplayers showcasing their talents, two remarkable participants stole the show, earning the coveted Best in Show Prize in their respective locations.

In Gold Coast, Instagram user @decapitated_delight astounded the audience with an intricately designed costume of Atreus, the compelling character from the God of War gaming franchise. Lily’s embodiment of the young archer’s strength and resilience resonated with the audience, earning her the Best in Show title. Her meticulously detailed costume reflected a dedication to craftsmanship that did not go unnoticed.

Instagram user @decapitated_delight cosplaying as Atreus from God of War. 📷 Photo by @steamkittens


Meanwhile, in Melbourne, the cosplaying community celebrated another triumphant moment when @flickerheart.cos, wowed the audience with her stunning portrayal of Gorou, a fan-favorite from Genshin Impact. Emma, showcasing exceptional attention to detail with Gorou’s signature military uniform and fox-like ears, offered a performance that captivated both the judges and attendees.

Instagram user @flickerheart.cos cosplaying as Gorou from Genshin Impact. 📷 Photo by @steamkittens


The Best in Show Prize for both expos included a 250 AUD ZenMarket Voucher, which the winners can use to order a variety of items directly from Japan. This reward not only acknowledges their exceptional talent and effort but also supports their future cosplaying endeavors.

goldnova cosplay competition winner best in show zenmarket atreus god of war
melbnova cosplay competition winner best in show zenmarket gorou genshin impact


The Supanova Comic & Gaming Expo remains a vital hub for cosplayers, comic book enthusiasts, and gamers alike. With the impressive performances of Lily K. and Emma P., the standard for future expos has been elevated.

As we anticipate the Sydney & Perth legs of Supanova Comic & Gaming Expo, we congratulate both winners and look forward to their future cosplay creations. For ongoing updates, you can follow @decapitated_delight and @flickerheart.cos on Instagram.

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Goldnova and Melbnova Question Panels featuring Veronica Taylor

In addition to the cosplay competition, fans of renowned voice actress Veronica Taylor, known for voicing Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon series, had an opportunity to win prizes during interactive Q&A sessions.


Prize being presented at the Veronica Taylor Question Panel at Supanova Melbourne #melbnova

Sponsored by ZenMarket, the attendees who presented the best questions during the panels won a $250 ZenMarket voucher. These funds provide the winners with the ability to order a range of items directly from Japan, bridging the gap between the fandom and its cultural origin. 

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The Q&A sessions, coupled with the lucrative opportunity to win ZenMarket prizes, invigorated the panels and heightened audience participation. This unique integration of rewarding engagement truly showcased the spirited atmosphere of the Supanova Comic & Gaming Expo.

See you in Sydney and Perth!



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