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Throughout the past several years, we’ve seen many live action adaptations from Shonen. The most recent one that’s come to fruition is the new Yu Yu Hakusho, also known as ‘Ghost Fighter’ or ‘Ghost Files’ globally.

Dating back to the 90s, Yu Yu Hakusho has finally received a live-action adaptation from Netflix in late 2023, bridging the gap between long-time fans and new viewers. Whether you know it as Yu Yu Hakusho, Ghost Files, or Ghost Fighter, many years in the making for a Yu Yu Hakusho Netflix version means:

  • The producers had plenty of time to come up with a Yu Yu Hakusho remake.
  • Fans from the 90s can finally enjoy a Yu Yu Hakusho live action.
  • This opens up the doors for casual enjoyers on Netflix to get into the anime or manga for Yu Yu Hakusho (or just anime and manga in general!)

Yu Yu Hakusho Live action actor

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself… “What’s the difference between the anime and the Yu Yu Hakusho live action? Is it better or worse? What do others have to say about it?”

Stick around and we’ll have all this covered and more in this spoiler-free read!

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About the characters and cast

YuYu hakusho live action characters cast

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the new Yu Yu Hakusho, let’s give a brief rundown of who you’ll be watching on your screen.

  • Yuseke Urameshi: Played by Takumi Kitamura, is a teenage delinquent who you’ll learn tons about as you watch.
  • Kazuma Kuwabara: Played by Shuehei Uesegi, is Yuseke’s close friend known for his high spirit awareness.
  • Kurama: Played by Jun Shison, is a demon reincarnated into a human body.
  • Hiei: Played by Kanata Hongō, is known as the master of evil eye and the initial antagonist.
  • Keiko Yukimura: Played by Sei Shiraishi, is Yuseke’s childhood friend and love interest.
  • Botan: Played by Kotone Furukawa, is the guide to the Spirit World.
  • Yukina: Played by Ai Mikami, is an Ice Apparition that Yuseke and his team encounter.
  • Karasu: Played by Hiroya Shimizu, is a member of the villainous Team Toguro.
  • Koenma: Played by Keita Machida, is the ruler of the Spirit World.
  • Genkai: Played by Meiko Kaji, is Yuseke’s mentor.
  • Elder Toguro and Toguro: Played by Kenichi Takitō and Go Ayano, are powerful demons and primary antagonists.
  • Sakyo: Played by Goro Inagaki, is a criminal overlord and Owner of Team Toguro. He is one of the main villains in the new Yu Yu Hakusho.

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How does the anime differ from the Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action?

Whether you’re an avid fan of the anime/manga or someone who’s just gotten into the franchise, you’re probably asking yourself “Is the new Yu Yu Hakusho for me?”

The best way to answer that question is to see some of the subtle and major differences between the anime version and the Yu Yu Hakusho Netflix version.

Yu Yu hakusho live action versus the anime

To start, a subtle difference is Yuseke’s age. In the anime he is a 14 year old boy, whereas the live action introduces him as a 17 year old teenager. Whether that’s a make or break for you depends on how much you value the portrayal of characters in line with their role and capabilities.

The character Sakyo is portrayed as the main villain in the Yu Yu Hakusho remake and has a more central role this time around.

If you’re a fan of the anime and loved Sakyo then this is more reason to watch the new Yu Yu Hakusho.

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If you’re familiar with the anime, you’ll know about The Beast of Maze Castle arc, which is significant in the anime due to the introduction of certain characters we also see in the Yu Yu Hakusho remake, among other key events that set up future plots and storylines.

Unfortunately… The Beast of Maze Castle arc is not in the Yu Yu Hakusho live action. If you’re an avid fan of the anime version this may be something to consider as this does slightly alter the story, but doesn’t ruin the plot as the Yu Yu Hakusho live action does a good job of adapting and adjusting the story to continue the narrative being told.

Another arc that is still somewhat included in the new Yu Yu Hakusho is The Dark Tournament Arc.

Yu Yu hakusho the dark tournament arc

In the anime, there is a heavy emphasis on the arc and it’s known to be one of the most iconic and beloved arcs. The arc is seen as crucial for character development, and revealed a ton about the characters’ backstories and abilities.

In the Yu Yu Hakusho remake however, the arc is hinted at and simply not as significant. The arc is heavily condensed and changes certain elements. This is a big deal, as it does change the dynamics of the story by focusing on the storyline’s key points instead of the detailed progression found in the anime.

Whether the condensing of The Dark Tournament Arc is seen as a good or bad thing, depends on who you ask and if they even watched the anime to begin with, which is exactly what’s gonna be covered next.

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How fans reacted to the Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action

Based on websites like Reddit and X, there seemed to be a few common trends upon the reactions of the new Yu Yu Hakusho – both by avid fans of the anime and by first-time viewers.

To start, the feedback was positive and people enjoyed what the Yu Yu Hakusho remake had to offer. The fight scenes were said to be decent and the story was well told. This is a good sign for anyone that was on the fence about watching it – whether you are a first-time viewer or a fan of the anime.

YuYu hakusho fan reactions

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Yu yu hakusho fan reactions

As already mentioned in the article, many people spoke about the condensing of the story, and skipping parts of it as well. Although this didn’t come off as criticism or in poor taste, fans of the anime were very quick to notice and point out how a lot of the story was condensed and/or skipped. If you’re also a fan of the anime that is looking to get into the new Yu Yu Hakusho, you’ll probably notice this too.

What about first-time viewers of the new Yu Yu Hakusho that never got into the anime? Some viewers suggested that the Yu Yu Hakusho Netflix version has gotten them into the anime version.

yuyu hakusho first time viewers reaction

Anyone who is very familiar with anime knows this is MASSIVE, because any casual viewer who dislikes live action versions will most likely never get into the anime version due to the poor impression that was left.

The fact that people enjoyed the Yu Yu Hakusho remake so much to the point where they will spend time on the anime is an amazing sign that tells us anyone should give it a chance.


In summary, the Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action received positive feedback and has gotten first-time viewers into the anime. There is a lot of condensing done in the new Yu Yu Hakusho, but the fights and story are still well displayed.

Whether you are an avid fan of the anime or just looking for something to watch, we hope that this article helped give some context and helped you decide if you’ll turn on the TV and put on the Yu Yu Hakusho Netflix movie.



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